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A unavoidable conflict


When it comes to the demographic genocide of North and West European people, in North and West Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Time is a key point, the longer we wait the worse the conflict will be.

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If we (the danish people) decided to kick the invaders out today, they would properly start rioting and maybe even start a full scale race war against us natives.

That would be 7 of us for each time there were 3 of them, if we wait a few decades, it would be 5 against 5, if we wait a few decades more, it would be 3 of us against 7 of them.

At the same time older and weaker people would take up a bigger part of our population, while their population would be a lot younger.

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Trump and Brexit “victories” are only bringing a false sense of “moving…

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