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First, what is a ‘Værnemager’

From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

Værnemager is a term for a person or company who, during the Occupation (1940-1945), made money on the “Værnemagten” (Wehrmacht, in Danish – German military) or otherwise acted in the German interest.

The word “Værnemager” has since been used as a scolding of companies that, in other contexts, make money from wars or occupations.

Billedresultat for denmark and germany

The word “Værnemager” was coined by businessman and resistance man Erling Foss, co-founder of the Freedom Council (Frihedsrådet). In the spring of 1943, Foss had a (replacement) coffee meeting with his contact with the Ministry of Interior, Gunnar Seidenfaden, at the Grand Cafe in Copenhagen. They had tried to find a word that like “goulash baron” during World War I could denote those who made money from the Germans…

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