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Made in Germany

Made in Germany – The label for high quality standards & value. “Made in Germany” is recognized worldwide as a label for high quality products and value.

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Made in Germany rated most loved country brand worldwide.

A report on the most reputable “made-in-country” brands around the world shows that Germany comes out on top as most trusted.
The report by research group Statista on Monday showed that the Made in Germany label is viewed more positively by people all over the world than any country brand.

The Statista report surveyed more than 43,000 people around the world from 52 countries plus the European Union. The countries included in the survey sample represent 90 percent of the global population.

The report shows that today the German label is most often associated with high quality and high security standards.

And when looking at individual countries’ perceptions of Germany, its “made-in” label received number-one marks in countries ranging from Peru, to South Africa, to Spain, to Saudi Arabia.

After Germany, the next most respected brand was Made in Switzerland, followed by the European Union, United Kingdom, and Sweden. The least trusted country brand was Made in China.

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