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The North Pole Belongs to Denmark!


Preliminary results from scientific mapping of the Arctic seabed indicate that the North Pole likely falls within Denmark’s boundaries, a Canadian scientist says.

No country currently has sovereign rights over the North Pole, though Russia has tried to lay claim to it in recent years.

Five coastal northern nations, including Canada, the United States and Russia, are currently mapping the Arctic seabed in the hopes of bolstering their efforts to extend sovereign claims on Arctic coastal areas under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Countries that extend their Arctic claims under the international treaty would tap into vast marine areas, potentially rich with oil and gas resources. Canada signed UNCLOS in 2003, and has been working with the U.S. and Denmark to map parts of the Arctic seabed.

Early data from those mapping efforts show that Denmark, via Greenland, may be able to claim the North Pole as its…

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