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List of sovereign states and dependencies by total fertility rate and by median age


Map of countries by fertility rate (2018), according to CIA World Factbook

This is a list of all sovereign states and dependencies by total fertility rate (TFR): the expected number of children born per woman in her child-bearing years.

Country ranking by most recent year 

Country ranking by Intergovernmental organizations 

2017 List by the World Bank
RankCountryFertility rate
in 2017
1 Niger7.0
2 Somalia6.2
3 Congo, Democratic Republic of the6.0
4 Mali6.0
5 Chad5.8
6 Angola5.6
7 Burundi5.5
8 Nigeria5.5
9 Gambia, The5.3
10 Burkina Faso5.3
11 Uganda5.1
12 Tanzania5.0
13 Mozambique4.9
14 Benin4.9
15 Central African Republic4.8
16 Guinea4.8
17 South Sudan4.8
18 Zambia4.7
19 Cote d’Ivoire4.7

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